How To Find A Great Esports Agency As A Pro Gamer

With the advanced technology, eSports is becoming big, and fans are increasing massively. Esports entails a video game competition that is broadcasted to a live audience. In some situation, the broadcasting can take place via broadband streaming. If you are a potential player, and you wish to get the best of the eSports industry, you will need to find a proper agent. Here are some things to look for when you are choosing an esports agency

• Reputation 

One thing you should highly consider is the reputation of the specific agent. The agent must be one who can provide you valuable service. He must be trusted enough by other players. Here, you should be considering what other players are saying about that agency. An agent should have a good reputation to assure you of dependable services. The best way to be sure if the agent is worth hiring is by asking the relevant people. 

• Experience in the industry 

Even with the best reputation, the agent must be knowledgeable and experienced enough in the eSports industry. Generally, the agent will manage the players, which means that they are the ones responsible for guiding the player towards financial and personal success. If the agent is not experienced and knowledgeable enough about how the industry works, they might not deliver the right services. 

With enough experience, the agent will have the right connections that will be relevant to the player. The right connections allow the agent to land great deals with ease. Whether it is a sponsorship or a contract agreement, they will know where best to go. 

• Marketing 

The eSports agent can act solely as a marketer of the player while a different agent deals with the contract agreements of the player. Also, the agent can take the role of marketing the player, and also negotiating the contract. When you want to find the perfect agent to market you as a player, you should ensure that they have good marketing skills. It extra advantageous if you get an agent that can handle your contracts and sponsorship deals easily.

• Contracts know-how 

Regardless of how long the agent has been in the eSports industry, they must have a good experience and a deep knowledge of the player contracts. The eSports industry doesn’t have similar player contracts like the professional sports. With the eSports player contract, it allows the player to earn more money than what the team wills to offer. Here, the agent should be creative and include such incentives like bonuses based on the performance or negotiating the salary. 

If the agent has dealt with different contracts over time, they will be sure of handling the player agreements with ease. Before choosing the agent, ensure that they have a deep understanding of the contracts agreements. The agent should check that the protection of the player is observed at all times. 


Finding a perfect eSports agent assures the player of total confidence in the industry. The agent shouldn’t just be knowledgeable in the marketing matters of the player. Rather, they should also understand how to deal with contract agreements and even sponsorships. This helps to deliver the best for the player and help them succeed personally and financially.