Apps That Deliver Crypto Price Alerts Instantly on Your Inbox


How exciting would it be to get messages in your inbox which read “BTC is up at $7800” or “ETH falls by 8% in the past 15 minutes” and so on? These are the types of crypto price alerts you can expect to receive from the dedicated crypto alert apps. Any freely traded commodity or stock or currency will present a similar situation of the prices moving up and down, rapidly. Within minutes, you could turn into a millionaire or even a pauper, if you did not make those decisions to sell or buy the cryptocurrency.

Exchange-Specific Price Alerts

Some people may have parked all their cryptocurrency assets in single cryptocurrency exchange and would be happy to receive the alerts on the price movements from that exchange alone. There are cryptocurrency exchanges that have their own apps and are able to send real-time crypto price alerts from their own exchange. This is also a model in use, though the general trend is to depend on crypto alert apps that can show prices from a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Many Currencies Do You Deal In?

The significance of dealing in cryptocurrencies is that there are so many of them, though you may hear more about Bitcoin than some of the other digital currencies. Some investors have placed their faith in currencies like Ethereum, which has had a more stable price regime than Bitcoin. You would, therefore, want your app to deliver the crypto price alerts of a wide range of currencies. The larger the number of currencies tracked, the better.

Looking Beyond Just the Prices

Getting the alerts by short messages from the crypto alert app can only serve a limited purpose. You will note the price and that’s just it. You will have to exert your memory to know what the price was the last time you checked. A good app should go a few steps ahead and let you know the increase or decrease in terms of the percentage. If the time factor is also mentioned like the message quoted at the beginning of this article, you are better informed. It could be in minutes or hours. The apps may inform you through messages that the price of the cryptocurrency has dropped by 15% in the past one hour of trading. It gives you the trend. If the trend is in the upward direction, it can get you interested more. You may wish to place an order to sell part of your inventory and make some quick bucks. If the crypto alert app has helped you reach thus far, you must appreciate its usefulness.

What about the Graphic Charts?

Currency exchanges usually follow certain sentiments and plot them in graphs. The price graphs are frequently used by the experts to predict future trends and are quite handy while trading in cryptocurrencies as well. The crypto alert app can add the price trend graphs too as part of the services they offer. You will normally have the buttons or menu options to check the price graphs. A dynamic app like can offer multiple options with graphs being updated as the prices keep changing. You should be able to see the latest graph on your mobile display.

Choose the App Even if You Have to Pay

The experience with most users has been that the applications in the Play Store or the App Store which are free to download are not very secure. There can be ads in them and risks to the security of your device as well. The monthly subscription would be in the region of $5 to $10 per month. For the kind of cryptocurrency trades you make, this must be a very small amount to pay.

You might not have imagined that the apps sending crypto price alerts your way can perform such a huge variety of functions and can be rich in features. When you come across crypto price alert apps, you will have to do your own research to know about the various features of the app. There may be trial versions available which you can use for a few days and then pay up the subscription amount. If you are not fully satisfied, you can try another app before arriving at the best one.

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