The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide for Summoners War


Summoners War: Sky Arena is a mobile multiplayer online game. It’s created by a South Korean developer called Com2uS. The game was released during the Electronic Entertainment Expo last June 2014 for both iOS and android mobile devices.
This game is very terrible – because once you play it, you’ll never stop playing it. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need some help to do well in this game. Luckily for you, this will serve as your Summoners War beginners guide.
Climb the Trial of Ascension
The “Trial of Ascension” is a special Player vs Environment (PvE). You will need to reach Floor 70 of the Trial of Ascension. Reaching Floor 70 will give you a Devilmon (a martial monster that powers up skills when it’s given as food).
If you can’t reach it, it’s still a good way to climb the trial of Ascension. It gives excellent rewards that are given to players who are strong enough. Besides, it’s another way for you to know how much you have already progressed.
Join a Guild
Joining a guild gives you additional rewards. Guild points can be earned from Guild Battles. These points can be exchanged for more rewards like Cow Girls, weekly 4* rainbowmoon, and ifrits.
Faimon (1) and Aiden (1) Farmer
If you want to earn experience points, you should train up a faimon or aiden farmer. You can carry your low level monsters easily if you raise a water monster and/or wind monster to a point that they can independently complete the levels.
Prioritize Important Purchases
It is important that you only focus on important purchases in the arena shop. Focus on getting the Devilmon weekly first. And then, purchase upgrades for the “Mysterious Plant” in order to help regenerate energy quick. Also purchase the “Sanctum of Energy” in order to help raise the maximum energy before you invest in Damage and Speed towers.
Be Participative in Events
Always check out any in game events. If you complete in game events, you’ll surely get more rewards. Some rewards may be obtained by only playing the game, so always keep an eye on local events. Also, watch the official stream of Summoners War. The live stream will reward 75 crystals to whoever views the stream.
Lock Your Monsters
Another thing you need to remember is to lock your monsters. If you don’t lock them, you might accidentally select your monsters for material during the power up circle. That’s why you need to lock the important monsters to avoid mishaps.
Lapis is a great water magic knight which is given to all of the players after the game starts. What you need to do is to put a few Despair Runes on Lapis. Then look at the devastation of the area of effect stun.
Farm Runes
Every summoner needs runes. Even the greatest of monsters are useless especially if they’re equipped with bad runes. The Giant’s Keep will be your biggest asset to fins runes as you begin the journey.
Giants B10

You should complete the 10th floor of the Giant’s Keep. You should make that your goal while you play the game. In order to reach that goal, you’ll need a team of strong members and notable monsters like Belladeon, Shannon, Veromos, or Bernard. You’re not really to have these monsters but it will make your team strong. If you do decide to keep them, make sure to lock them.
There are other things that you will learn on your own so keep playing the game. Good luck, Summoner!